Irish Black Cattle

Long Pines Irish Black® Cattle are for Today’s Industry

The cattle are moderate framed, fertile and possess excellent meat quality traits.

Irish Black® and Irish Red® Cattle is a true American breed, created to meet the needs of cattle producers and consumers. Cattleman and genetic scholar Maurice Boney developed the breed during the 1960s and 1970s in the United States. Learn more.

Irish Black Bulls
for Sale

18- 24-month old private treaty Irish Black and Irish Red bulls for sale. Visit our sales page for current offerings.

Private Treaty Bulls for Sale

Steers 21% More

One choice could make your feedlot steers 21% more efficient. See the full Diamond H Livestock report on Irish Black Cattle performance.

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After decades in the cattle business, and raising several breeds of cattle, it was time for a change. In 2008, while searching for a new direction, we were fortunate to consult with Irish Black breed founder, Maurice Boney who shared his knowledge about Irish Black cattle. We took a leap of faith and purchased our first three Irish Black bulls. The following spring, we enjoyed a successful calving season using three bulls on our entire herd. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Each year, Long Pines offers a group of 18-24 month old bulls for sale, by private treaty. Performance data is available on all the bulls to share with customers. We also offer some females for sale – contact us for more details. Irish Blacks are a great fit for today’s cattleman. The cattle are moderate framed, fertile and possess excellent meat quality traits. We carefully chose the breed because of its characteristics that fit today’s needs from the ranch to the consumer.

  • Genetic Purity: More than 40 years of closed book line-breeding result in a small gene pool. All registered animals are being DNA tested and parentage verification will be complete in 2017.
  • Genetic Consistency: Offspring have highly predictable traits.
  • High Fertility:18-month and older bulls are capable of settling 50 to 70 females so cattlemen need to run less bulls.
  • Carcass Quality: Beef has desirable tenderness and marbling.
  • Market Flexibility: Versatility, efficiency, soundness and longevity lead to increased profit opportunities in all markets including cow/calf, backgrounding, and both grain- and forage-finishing.
  • Environmental Flexibility: Withstand frigid winter conditions, slicks off to tolerate heat and performs well at high altitudes.