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Dear Cattle Colleagues,
After decades in the cattle business, and raising several breeds of cattle, it was time to do better. In 2008, Larry read an article in Tri-State Livestock News about Maurice Boney and Irish Blacks® -- the cattle breed he developed. After extensive research and several conversations with Mr. Boney, we purchased 3 Irish Black herd sires from him. The following spring, we enjoyed a successful calving season using only the 3 Boney bulls on our entire herd of 200+ commercial cows – half the number of bulls we normally used.
More than a decade later, as we continue to select for desired traits and develop our Long Pines herd, we honor Mr. Boney’s vision by demanding our Irish Blacks and Irish Reds meet or exceed the highest performance standards in our industry.
We use Igenity® for DNA testing to predict performance traits. And, we ultrasound for meat quality. Our entire herd is quiet, well-dispositioned animals not only for our cowboys’ safety but because it improves meat quality. They are accustomed to horseback and on-foot handling and we use low-stress techniques. Our comprehensive animal health protocols focus on preventative care. In addition, we are Beef Quality Assurance certified.
We hope to hear from you. Come for a visit. We’d love to share our experience with you.
Larry, Deb & Sterling
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Long Pines Sells Only Private Treaty

We offer our top quality Irish Black® and Irish Red® cattle for sale private treaty because what’s most important to us is making sure the focus is on you – our customer. So, it’s pretty simple. We sell our bulls via private treaty because it’s better for you and it’s better for us, too!