About Irish Black Cattle

Six Reasons to Choose
Irish Blacks and Irish Reds

Irish Black® and Irish Red® cattle carry genetically dominant traits desired by the U.S. beef industry. The breed's well-balanced conformation and superior performance efficiently and consistently produces quality beef.
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Performance Traits

  • Short gestation period of 277 days
  • Excellent mother traits
  • High milk production
  • Smaller teats so calves can latch on easily
  • Excellent udders
  • Large pelvic scores
  • Vigorous calves with reports of improved calf survival rates
  • Moderate framed, cows mature at 1050-1250 lbs. and bulls at 1650-1900 lbs. which means they are cheaper to maintain than larger animals
  • Light birth weights, calves average between low 60's to mid 70's
  • Efficient, ratio of less than 5 achievable
  • Average daily gain greater than 4lbs. achievable
  • Easy fleshing, ability to finish by 14 months of age
  • High tenderness
  • High marbling proven by ultrasound and genetic testing
  • Back fat less than .20"
  • Highly fertile, bulls can settle 50-70 cows
  • Extreme longevity
  • Hardy
  • Mild tempered
  • Resiliency to altitude disease

Cattle Resources

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