LP Double Time 746E

SEEKING TO BOOST YOUR NEXT CALF CROP? This Irish Black 2017-born bull has the ERTs (economically relevant traits) to be a game-changer for either commercial or purebred herds.

LP DOUBLE TIME 746E is sired by LP Mr. Irish Turepo 20Z, a paternal grandson of IB1 and IB10. On the maternal side, he goes back to Miss Irish Dividend Falco B3W and Mr. Polled Perfection Dividend 41X, who is the sire of our great heifer bull, LP Smart Choice 55Z. LP DOUBLE TIME 746E is a long and deep-bodied bull, is homozygous polled and carries the red color gene.

IBCA# 003989 (Click to View Registration Papers)
BW 70 lbs.
DOB 04/09/17

Black (1) Horns (2) Backfat (3) IMF (4) REA (5) Weight (6) Height (7)
N P/P 0.13 3.52 11.24 850 lbs. 51.25"
(1) Y=Homozygous black; N= Not homozygous black (i.e. red gene carrier)
(2) P/P= Homozygous polled
(3) Inches
(4) Intramuscular Fat
(5) Ribeye Area
(6) At 18 months
(7) Hip measurement 12/15/18