LP Prairie Choice 700E

OFFERING FOR SALE THIS GREAT IRISH BLACK BULL WITH OUTSTANDING CARCASS TRAITS! LP PRAIRIE CHOICE 700E is a son of our great heifer bull, LP Smart Choice 55Z, has outstanding carcass traits and should be a very proficient breeder. Did you know that Irish Black bulls cover almost twice as many cows as other breeds - so his fertility and longevity are bred-in. He's been both genomic tested, ultrasounded for carcass quality and parentage verified as purebred Irish Black (7-10% of parentage is misidentified in every cattle breed - a good reason for DNA parentage verification which we do on all our seedstock.) This 2017 born bull is both homozygous black and polled, and his dam, a slightly larger cow, is out of a top producing daughter of Mr. Polled Perfection Dividend 41X. We used this bull on a select group of Long Pines cows in 2018.

IBCA #003976 (Click to View Registration Papers)
BW 80 lbs.
DOB 01/15/17

Black (1) Horns (2) Backfat (3) IMF (4) REA (5) Weight (6) Height (7)
Y P/P 0.18 4.21 12.02 960 lbs. 52.50"
(1) Y=Homozygous black; N= Not homozygous black (i.e. red gene carrier)
(2) P/P= Homozygous polled
(3) Inches
(4) Intramuscular Fat
(5) Ribeye Area
(6) At 18 months
(7) Hip measurement 12/15/18