LP Turpo’s Mellon 742E

GREAT GENETICS FOR ANY HERD! LP TURPO'S MELLON 742E offers excellent carcass traits from the revolutionary Irish Black IB1 and IB10 lines. This 2017-born bull had a lower birthweight he grew out quickly. With IB10 genetics on both the top and bottom of his pedigree, 742E is one to seriously consider as these genetics are getting harder to find! He scores very high on calving ease, has a strong structure and shows a nice disposition.

Like all our bulls, he's been genomic tested, which improves the accuracy of predicting traits on young bulls by 18-25%. Raised on native pasture and forages - he's ready to go to work.

IBCA # 003992 (Click to View Registration Papers)
BW 70 lbs.
DOB 04/13/17

Black (1) Horns (2) Backfat (3) IMF (4) REA (5) Weight (6) Height (7)
Y P/P 0.16 3.46 12.03 925 lbs. 52.50"
(1) Y=Homozygous black; N= Not homozygous black (i.e. red gene carrier)
(2) P/P= Homozygous polled
(3) Inches
(4) Intramuscular Fat
(5) Ribeye Area
(6) At 18 months
(7) Hip measurement 12/15/18