Irish Black Semen

NEW! Now Offering Semen Sales from Proven Irish Blacks

Long Pines is adding semen sales to help you add the benefits of Irish Black and Red cattle to your herd. Our range-raised, moderate-framed, efficient, fertile cattle adapt well to most situations, including high altitudes because of their bred-in resilience to brisket disease.


IBCA #001683 (click to view registration paper)

LP SMART CHOICE 55Z has been an exceptional Long Pines heifer bull since we first turned him out with our purebred and commercial females in 2014. We have retained sons as sires and our herd now includes numerous 55Z daughters. He is the sire of a few of our sale bulls and we expect them to perform at least as well as 55Z himself. We purchased this bull and his dam, Miss Polled Irish 555R – one of Maurice Boney’s top embryo donor cows — directly from Mr. Boney in 2012. The sire of this bull is Mr. Polled Perfection Dividend BE41X, one of Maurice Boney's favorite herd sire.

Diamond H Livestock in Montana purchased 55Z from us.

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