Why We Sell Private Treaty

It’s All About Serving Our Customers

We offer our top quality Irish Black and Irish Red bulls for sale via private treaty. This is because what’s most important to us is making sure the focus is on you – our customer. So, it’s pretty simple. We sell our bulls via private treaty because it’s better for you and it’s better for us, too!

1. Better service

When we sell our bulls via private treaty, we get to understand your business and your needs. We are able to share with you in-depth information about our bulls and our ranch. You get the details you need about how we feed, handle and breed our cattle so you’ll come away knowing if Long Pines Irish Black and Red cattle are a good fit for what you need to make your cattle herd into what you want.

2. Better bulls

Because we get to know you and your individual needs, we can help you better select a bull that’s going to help meet our goals. We know our bulls and the cattle they come from better than anyone and we can help you find the perfect bull for your herd.

3. Better partnership

By working one-on-one with you, and you with us, we’ll start developing a long-term partnership. At Long Pines, we don’t want to sell you one bull. We want to sell you many high-quality, dependable animals over the years that are perfect to help you meet your production goals.