Long Pines offers a few herd sire quality bulls and replacement females from its Irish Black® and Irish Red® herd through private treaty sales.

Our range-raised, moderate-framed, efficient, fertile cattle adapt well to most situations, including high altitudes because of their bred-in resilience to brisket disease. We hope you will visit us at the ranch for an in-depth look at the cattle.

This American-Made breed is worth checking out to capture traits that so many commercial cattle producers put on their priority list. Long Pines Land and Livestock offers purebred Irish Blacks and Irish Reds cattle through bull and semen sales, and female and embryo sales.

In a feedlot study by Diamond H Livestock, half-blood Irish Black steers were 21% more efficient when compared to the black-hided control group. The carcass results from this study were also impressive. Plus, only having to maintain half the bull battery with no loss in conception is a considerable savings. Long Pines reports that its common for their bulls to last for five seasons, or more. You can read about the study and a bull cost assessment.

Long Pines Bulls

Purebred breeders will especially appreciate the lineage of these bulls. They trace directly to Maurice Boney’s proven herd sires and dams, offering premium genetics. Commercial cattlemen looking for breeding proficiency, calving ease, maternal traits, uniform progeny and exceptional growth will find it with these bulls.

We also run a commercial herd, which has benefitted greatly from Irish Blacks! Our focus is on maternal and carcass traits, and we demand our bulls have the genetics for both! We truly want you to be successful, and we believe Irish Black genetics can improve any herd. And because we only sell purebred genetics, it’s our commercial customers who get the benefits of hybrid vigor in their calf crops!

  • Outstanding longevity and fertility (1 bull to 50-70 cows)
  • Range- and forage-developed so they maintain body condition when they go to work in your herd
  • Feet and legs structurally sound
  • Adaptable to every North American environment, from sea level to high altitudes
  • Rigorous internal protocols and parameters which all bulls must exceed
  • Genetic tested to provide performance and maternal trait information as well as coat color and horned status
  • Live animal ultrasounding for meat quality
  • Passed a Breeding Soundness Exam and Trichomoniasis test
  • Registered with the Irish Black Cattle Association (IBCA)

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Long Pines Females

Our cow herd summers on native prairies with water from creeks, dams and a few solar powered wells with tire tanks. For winter, they are moved into pastures with better wind protection and where we can usually get them round bales of native forage hay. We do not feed grain. Heifers are calved in smaller pastures or around barns when the weather really gets bad. The main cow herd is in large pastures with as much natural weather protection as possible. Our typical annual moisture is about 15-17 inches. We expect to have very warm summers and frigid winters with about 4-5 months of snow. But we can’t imagine a better place to raise great cattle.

LP Smart Choice 55Z Semen

IBCA #001683 (click to view registration)

LP SMART CHOICE 55Z was an exceptional Long Pines calving ease bull since we first turned him out with our purebred and commercial females in 2014. We have retained sons as herd sires and our maternal line includes numerous 55Z daughters. Frozen semen is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

We purchased this bull and his dam, Miss Polled Irish 555R – one of Maurice Boney’s top embryo donor cows — directly from Mr. Boney in 2012. The sire of this bull is Mr. Polled Perfection Dividend BE41X, one of Maurice Boney's favorite herd sires. LP Smart Choice 55Z was purchased from Long Pines by Diamond H Livestock in Montana and he continues to settle about 50 females a season, even at 8 years old.

  • Exceptional calving ease
  • Calves that thrive and gain
  • Sire of top-performing cows and herd sires

Only cattle registered with or certified by the Irish Black Cattle Association (IBCA) carry authentic Irish Black or Irish Red genetics. Verify cattle claimed to be Irish Black or Irish Red Purebred or Percentage Genetics before you buy by calling the IBCA at (406) 625-2587.