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Long Pines Steers and Heifers Sale

Northern Livestock Video Early Fall Preview
Sept. 21, 2020, between 9:30 am and 10 am MDT

Long Pines Genetics in a Commercial Package Offering

Long Pines Land and Livestock is partnering with Northern Livestock Video Auction for the sale of 120 steers and 110 heifers on the 2020 Fall Premier Sale September 21. These medium-framed calves were born April/May 2020 and have been raised on our native range, with free choice mineral and salt.

All of these calves are sired by Long Pines purebred IBCA-registered Irish Black and Irish Red bulls and out of cows strongly influenced by Irish Black and Red genetics. This foundation means our commercial herd has the profit-enhancing qualities of Long Pines American-Made cattle: meat quality, efficiency, vigor, productivity, adaptability, quiet dispositions and more!

All have EID tags and no horns. With feeding trial data showing that this type of cattle are up to 21% more efficient, this offering is especially attractive.

120 Steer Calves

The steer calves are strong, growthy, long bodied, muscular animals bred to gain efficiently and produce exceptional carcasses. We are offering 120 head with a base weight of 490 lbs.

Lot 1917

110 Heifer Calves

Excellent offering of top quality heifers. This is a quality group of heifers with predictable genetics and excellent carcass traits. Base weight of 460 lbs.

Lot 1918


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Long Pines Rep: Michael Crews 406-853-3859

Livestream of auction or download the Northern Video Auction app for your smartphone. All buyer and bidding information is available at the website.

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Calves were pre-conditioned and tagged with Northern Verified RFID tags on September 12 and 13, 2020
All videos and images were taken Aug. 13 to Sept. 13, 2020.